Extension County Office Cost Share Technology Program Order

Cost Share Technology Program Order

Version: February 2016 Includes Extension Technology Committee updates
  • Computer Packages

  • Price: $550.00 Quantity:
    HP Elite 800 G1 Small Tower, Single 21.5 inch Monitor
  • Price: $650.00 Quantity:
    HP Elite 800 G1 Small Tower, Dual 21.5 inch Monitors
  • Price: $650.00 Quantity:
    HP ZBook 15 w/ case
  • Price: $850.00 Quantity:
    HP ZBook 15, Docking Station, 21.5 inch Monitor, speaker bar, Wireless Keyboard/Mouse
  • Price: $600.00 Quantity:
    HP EliteBook 840 G1 Ultrabook notebook with Carry Case
  • Software Options

  • Price: $0.00 Quantity:
    Camtasia is a video editing software application. If you will be editing videos or recording audio add this to your computer at no charge.
  • Price: $25.00 Quantity:
    Photoshop Elements is photo editor and organizer application. If you work with photos Elements will help you get organized, resize, cleanup, customize, create slideshows, video displays, and photo albumns.
  • Printers, Projector, Scanner

  • Price: $275.00 Quantity:
  • Price: $325.00 Quantity:
  • Price: $350.00 Quantity:
  • Price: $360.00 Quantity:
  • Price: $450.00 Quantity:
  • Accessories

  • Price: $165.00 Quantity:
    This is a standard monitor and will work with any Package or existing computer.
  • Price: $35.00 Quantity:
    HD Web Camera, includes Microphone. Buy this with any Dekstop package to add video/audio capability to Lync and WebEx. Will work with any computer, requires 1 USB Port.
  • Price: $80.00 Quantity:
  • Price: $50.00 Quantity:
    Only for the Ultrabook HP 840 G1
  • Price: $35.00 Quantity:
    Order with Ultrabook docking station. Will also work with any computer. Requires 1 USB port.
  • $0.00
  • Include any special instructions, account numbers or County PO numbers we should reference.
    In approving this request, the county coordinator acknowledges that the computers requested are the property of Texas AgriLife Extension Service, and will be returned to the Extension Property Office or donated to charitable organizations per regulations at the end of their useful life.