Centralized Help Desk Service

FirstCall is a central help desk service available to employees of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Research and the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences.

Customers have three convenient ways to contact FirstCall:

  • By Phone (both local and toll-free)
  • By Email
  • By Web

AgriLife IT is extending the use of the help desk to units and centers within Agriculture. Over a half-dozen units and centers are actively using the tool and benefiting from many of the advantages listed below. If you or your department is interested in having access to the tool please contact Jill Hughson for more information.

What is FirstCall?

  • A consolidated support desk service providing first tier support for:
    • Account Management for Enterprise IT Services (Email, Lync, AD, File Services)
    • TExAS, AgriLife Bookstore, Centra
    • Mobile Devices (email setup)
  • 24-hour access to Customer Support Site via Web (http://first-call.tamu.edu)
    • Customers can search knowledge base, create tickets and check status of existing tickets
  • An alternative support resource for departments and centers

What FirstCall can do for you and your customers?

  • Provide second-tier support and escalation for issues requiring assistance by other support teams (e.g. Laserfiche, TExAS, Web CMS, and AIT Enterprise Service). Tickets can also be escalated and redirected to unit IT managers.
  • Provide a convenient way to track support tickets via the Staff Interface.
  • Create easily-customized reports and searches (e.g. Tickets over 30 days old, Tickets by Center or Department, Tickets Closed per Week/Day/Month, etc.).
  • Provide support continuity when a departmental or center IT asset is unavailable.
  • Provide your customers with a professional IT support experience.
    Never misplace or lose a support request from one of your customers again by utilizing automatic reports and notifications.