Computer Workstation Purchasing


NOTICE: If you are ordering a system from the County Cost Share program please go to the following link.

For employees of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Research and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences you can now purchase your Microsoft Windows computer workstations and laptops centrally via AgriLife IT.



  • Reduced Delivery Time (on average less than 2 days vs. 2 to 3 weeks)
  • Reduced overhead by your unit IT and business staff
  • Systems will be delivered ready for use (excluding any local printer or customer software install)
  • Dell and HP Workstations, Laptops and Ultra books for most common business needs
  • All systems will have Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat Reader installed (licensing and associated costs are to be managed by your unit and should be coordinated with your unit IT or business contact).
  • HUB Credits: There will be no penalty to your unit HUB credits.
  • Asset Tracking: All systems will be cataloged in the AgriLife FirstCall help desk system to provide for enhanced support services.
  • Centralized Warranty Replacement Services through AgriLife IT

What is not Offered

  • The current program facilitates those computing needs and configurations that 80% of the employee positions within AgriLife would require.
  • The program does not facilitate custom workstation configuration or advanced configuration needs typically used for high-end research based computing needs. You should contact your unit IT and business contact to facilitate requests of this nature.
  • All software licensing (beyond Operating System) is to be maintained and managed by your associated unit.
  • Shipping Costs are not covered by the program. If the system must be shipped to your location your unit will need to provide a FedEx Shipping Number.

How to Create your Order Today

  1. Simply review and determine which of the system configurations offered best facilitates your needs.
  2. Complete the Order Form by providing all the required information and selecting your system configuration
  3. Systems will be generally delivered within 3 days or sooner. For remote AgriLife sites shipping will require at least one day.
  4. Once you receive your system you should contact your unit IT provider to finalize configuration which will typically consist of printer installation or any unique software needs.

Note that prices and system configuration offerings will change as vendor models are upgraded.