IT Policies, Rules and Best Practices

AgriLife Computing Best Practice & Responsibility Guides

The following two documents are designed to communicate the key responsibilities each employee should be aware of when operating computing equipment. One document is provided for general end users while the other is targeted for use by Information Technology Managers within AgriLife.

Rules, Procedures & Guidelines

Security Practices for Confidential Information on University Computers

AIT Documents, Links and Presentations

University/System Risk Assessment Applications

The TAMU System is converting from the ISAAC system to the DIR provided GRC Archer Solution. More information will be out soon on this service and associated training.

Tools to find personally identifiable information (such as Credit Card or Social Security numbers)

Login Banner Content and Application Info

Tools to identify SQL injection vulnerabilities

International Travel Security Guide / Best Practices

Securing Operating Systems

Securing Web Browsers

Securing Web servers

Commerical products for Securing Removable drives

Anti-spyware software

Security Practices

Laptop Security PDFs from DIR

Disk Wipe Utilities

Setting up a Secure Wireless

Security Help

Encryption Software

Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration Testing

Intrusion Detection Tools

Intrusion Discovery Commands

Disaster Recovery/Business Continunity links

Data Recovery Software

Important Security Events – updated daily

Listserv links and e-mail lists

Security Webcasts from SANS

Network Security tools

Latest Virus Alerts

Secure Web Application Development

Other Security Links