A. P. George Scholarship

The Fort Bend 4-H A. P. George Scholarship Committee will be responsible for investing scholarship funds and determining the number and amount to be given each year and select the individuals receiving the scholarships.


  1. Applicants must be a graduating senior and/or completion of the 12th grade but can apply up to two (2) years following graduation.
  2. Applicants do not have to be Fort Bend County residents, but they must have been active in the Fort Bend County 4-H Program for at least four (4) consecutive years.  4-Hers will be eligible to apply the year they graduate from high school and/or complete the 12th grade and for two (2) years afterwards.  They may apply a total of three (3) times and receive only once.
  3. Two (2) letters of recommendation (relatives or Extension Agents not included) must be submitted with application and Record Book.
    • A completed prior year 4-H Record Book reflecting the last four (4) years of project work, leadership and community service (or the last 4-H Record Book completed as a 4-H member for post high school graduates).  (The only exception would be as follows:  A record book that has won first in state, the book need not be redone.  However, a summary sheet should be completed to provide information for the current year.)
    • Only “original” record books may be submitted to the Scholarship Committee for consideration.  Any deviation from this rule, applicant may be disqualified.
  4. One (1) complete certified copy of high school transcript or equivalent and a certified copy of college transcript (if applicable).  Transcript should reflect the previous fall semester.
  5. A statement or letter from principal or counselor stating the Grade Point Average (if not on transcript).
  6. A completed copy of the Fort Bend 4-H A. P. George Scholarship Application Form.
  7. Give a personal interview before the scholarship committee.  No taped interviews allowed.
  8. All applicants must submit a completed, signed application along with the “original” record book.  Applicants must follow all criterion/rules set forth on the Fort Bend 4-H A. P. George Scholarship application.  If all is not completed and signed accordingly, applicant will be disqualified.
  9. All required paperwork is due along with the Record Book int he County Extension Office the fourth Tuesday of March by 5 p.m. unless otherwise notified by the Awards and Recognition Committee.
    • Awards & Recognition committee should review all Fort Bend 4-H A. P. George Scholarship applications prior to the Scholarship Committee’s meeting.  Awards & Recognition Committee should review to determine if all books, applications, transcripts, letters of recommendation, & signatures are present & complete, etc., & whether applicant is eligible for scholarship.
Rules & Regulations

  1. The Fort Bend 4-H Parent Leaders will determine the maximum number of scholarships that may be awarded.  The Fort Bend 4-H A. P. George Scholarship Committee reserves the right to award these scholarship(s).
  2. All chartered 4-H Clubs in Fort Bend County will be given one vote on the scholarship committee.
    • Individual clubs will be responsible for selecting their voting delegate and submitting their name to the County Extension Office by designated date and time.  (It is recommended that an alternate be selected in the event the delegate is unable to attend.)
    • All delegates may serve at least two (2) year terms.
    • The voting delegate must have attended scheduled training and review session prior to interviewing.
    • A committee chair will be elected at the training and review session.
  3. All voting committee members will score applicants according to the point system listed below, followed by discussion of results.  Final vote will be taken by a show of hands.
  4. Applicants must score a minimum of 70 points on a 100 Point System for scholarship eligibility.
  5. Parents of Scholarship Applicants will not serve on the committee.
  6. The Point System will be as follows:
    Application 5 Points
    Record Book and 4-H Project Involvement 35 Points
    4-H Leadership & 4-H Community 30 Points
    Promoting 4-H county fundraising 10 Points
    Interview 1 Points
    GPA 5 Points
    Total 100 Points
  7. The County Extension Agents will provide training on judging applicants and scoring system to be used.
  8. All scholarship recipients will be eligible to draw up to $500 per semester.
  9. Funds will be paid by the fort Bend 4-H Parent Leaders Treasurer upon receiving a copy of paid receipt showing proof of enrollment in at least 12 hours of college level course work.
    • Scholarship recipients will have two (2) years during which they may draw money from the scholarship fund.  At the end of that time, all monies will revert back to the endowment fund.  The only exception for this rule will be for 4-Hers that go into the armed services for no more than six (6) years.
  10. Rules and Regulations shall be reviewed annually and may be revised every three (3) years.