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May Garden Blogger Bloom Day

Today is Garden Blogger Bloom Day (GBBD), a day when garden bloggers post what’s blooming in their garden. It is fun and interesting to see what is blooming in different parts of the country at different times of the year. To see what other bloggers are posting for GBBD, go to May Dreams Gardens – they’re the folks that started this great concept. I really didn’t have a lot of time to take photos today, but did manage to get a few snapped before taking care of business…. Read More →

March Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

It’s March 15 and that means Garden Bloggers Bloom Day where garden writers and bloggers post what’s blooming in their (or others) gardens, so folks across this great land can enjoy blooms from north to south and east to west. To see what other bloggers are posting for GBBD, go to May Dreams Gardens. Spring has sprung in East Texas, and it was hard narrowing down some of the photos to show.

December Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

The 15th of the month in the gardening blogosphere is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, when folks who blog about gardens and plants post what is blooming (or colorful) in their gardens (thanks to May Dreams Gardens blog). Here in North East Texas, there isn’t a lot of different things in bloom, thanks to a couple of below freezing nights. But, here and there, in protected areas, you can spot some flowers, (of course, the fall-planted pansies and snaps which haven’t had time to hit their stride). But, the… Read More →

November Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Every month, garden bloggers across the blogosphere post what’s blooming in their gardens, thanks to the May Dreams Gardens blog who started this thing. Here in Northeast Texas, we haven’t had a killing freeze, and only once a very light frost in a few of the low lying areas, so things are still looking pretty good. Here are a few of the flowers in my own garden, and our Master Gardener demonstration gardens in the Tyler Rose Garden, that are still strutting their stuff. Rain is predicted later… Read More →

October Garden Bloggers Bloom Day (GBBD)

On the 15th of each month, garden bloggers everywhere post what’s blooming in their garden – called Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, and often just GBBD (originated by May Dreams Gardens blog – go there to see other GBBD posts). I’ve set the alarm on my calendar to remind me to post some of my blooming favorites. After a grueling summer – no rain, and 80+ days over 100 degrees, it is amazing that much of anything is doing well. Here are some that should go into the the… Read More →