Monthly Reports

DEADLINE: 10th of each month

TO: All County Extension Agents – District 7

SUBJECT:  Monthly Reports

DETAILS:  See Below

The following items should be submitted to the District Office clipped together in this order separately for each agent.

    • Monthly Checksheet
    • D-843/D-360 Monthly Schedule of Travel and County Commissioners Court Report
    • D-738 Office Conference Report-Stapled together in date order for the month.  This item is due for the entire county, not for each agent.
    • COPIES of all support materials.  Please copy items front & back when possible to save postage and space!

Please DO NOT send any other materials with monthly reports. The items might get overlooked for several days because they get processed all at once when a large portion of the district’s reports are received.

NOTE:  Records Retention Schedule:  1.1.069 Activity Reports – Reports compiled by agency personnel on a daily or other periodic basis pertaining to workload monitoring, task completion times, number of public contacts, and similar activities.”  Retention is current + 1 year.

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