4-H Gold Star

District 12 4-H Gold Star Award Information

The Gold Star Award is the highest county achievement award and will be awarded only once in a member’s 4-H career. Counties have award quotas based on the number of senior 4-H members. The award is presented to the most deserving young people without regard to sex. The following are minimum requirements that must be met.

The member must be at least 15 at the time of application and must have completed at least 3 years in 4-H, including the current year.
The 4-H member must submit an awards program recordbook in the year he or she is to be considered for the award.

The 4-H member must have completed projects in three different project areas, have submitted appropriate record forms, and have participated in one or more activities in at least three of the following areas:

  • Educational Presentations
  • Citizenship activities
  • Projects
  • Project exhibits
  • Camps
  • Leadership labs
  • Public relations (speeches, poster displays, radio, TV, newspapers)
  • Other (includes exchange programs, fundraising, State and National Congress, etc.)

Note: The requirements for projects and activities do not all have to be completed in the current year. They may have been accomplished over the entire period of time the person has been in the program.

The member must have exhibited leadership skills by serving as a 4-H officer or committee chairman (club county, district or state), and/or as a junior or teen leader in an activity or project with or under the supervision of an adult volunteer leader. The 4-H member must have participated in one or more community service activities. Examples are working with or counseling junior 4-H members; participating in community service projects (individual, group or club); and motivating other 4-H members through participation in demonstrations, projects and/or exhibits.

History of the Gold Star

The following information was prepared by Mr. Lynch in a memorandum to Director Gibson on December 9, 1952.

“The presentation of the Gold Star Pin was begun in 1933, the first year Mr. E.C. Martin was Boys 4-H Club Specialist. Mr. Martin tells us the pin was prompted by an effort to recognize the people who did the work rather than the agents.

Previous to this time, the agents submitting the largest number of 4-H records received the recognition.

Records in the Fiscal office the first Gold Star Pins were purchased in 1933.

For the first several years the Gold Star Pins were presented at a dinner during Short Course at College Station.

In the beginning each county made a nomination of their outstanding 4-H member and 100 members were selected to receive the award. After several years, the awards were presented to the outstanding 4-H boy and 4-H girl in each county.” (Cox, et. al)

In 1985, the Gold Star begin to be awarded to the top 4-H members in a county, regardless of gender. The number of Gold Stars are determined based on the membership of the total county 4-H enrollment.

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