AgriLife Social Media Resources

This section has been set up to help guide units within the Texas A&M AgriLife family in the use of social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and more. Our goal is to provide you with, not only our own resources and guides for best practices, but also expert resources from throughout the state and industry.

Social Media Guidelines

Social media guidelines for state agencies and higher education institutions are provided by the Texas Department of Information Resources. These guidelines were created with input from state agencies including Texas A&M AgriLife and provide a background of state laws and considerations for the management of social media for state use.

Social Media Branding

It is important that any account being managed for official use by any Texas A&M AgriLife agency, unit, office, etc. contribute to and be consistent with agency branding. We have provided profile images in our Resources section. Please visit the page for your agency for more information. Questions on cover images, co-branding requests, etc. can be sent to John Chivvis.

Registering your Efforts

The web services team is in the process of creating a better social directory with features including filtering. Please check back soon for more information.

Topics in Social Media

With the ever changing social media landscape, we want to provide you with resources that keep you up-to-date. Please check back as we’ll be adding resources for the topics listed below over the next few weeks.

Recommended Resources

Social Media 101
For the beginners out there, this page provides an overview of several of the popular platforms and definitions for related terms to better your understanding. In addition, good examples of agencies or companies are included. Other topics incude:

  • social media etiquette
  • personal vs. professional accounts
  • handling negative comments

Basics of social media management
Managing a social media account for an organization is completely different and far more involved than personal accounts. Check out this page for resources on:

  • identifying audiences
  • understanding voice and tone
  • choosing appropriate platforms
  • understanding risks vs. rewards

Content and sustainability for social accounts
Once you have created an account, it can be difficult to maintain a consistent presence and choose content for your audience. This section addresses items such as:

  • finding content to share
  • models for scheduling weekly posts
  • tools (paid and free) to help make management easier 

Social media marketing and engagement 
One of the greatest advantages of social media is the ability to communicate with your audience where they are. This section provides guidance and suggestions for marketing events, incorporating social into live events and more.

Social media measurement
With the constantly evolving nature of social media, it can be difficult to understand and measure the impact it has on your organization. Check out this page for an overview on what you can measure and how to match that with your goals.


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