College Departments


  • Department name is established by the theme
  • Main Navigation
    • Main navigation will have three required links (Home, About, Academics, Contact)
    • Additional top-level links should be added between Academics and Contact
    • Top level navigation should not exceed a single row
    • Hover menus should generally be fewer than seven items in length.  If the list it too long, consider grouping items into a deeper sub-menu.
  • Audience Navigation
    • The audience navigation at the top of the page will be required.
    • The default destination for each audience menu item will be correlating page on the main College of Agriculture and Life Sciences site.
    • You are encouraged to crete your own audience pages and link these to your own page.
    • Here are directions on linking to your own audience page.
  • Internal Navigation Menus
    • Use of side-bar navigation is encouraged on landing pages and their children.
    • Read about seeting up an internal navigation menu.
  • Home Page
    • Slideshow area is optional and generally not recommended as a good means for driving traffic
    • ‘Welcome’ text area is optional
    • Featured programs area is also optional.  The use of this area is recommended for your most popular pages. Degree programs, superstar faculty, popular certifications, etc.  Refer to your site Analytics traffic report for ideas of what your visitors are looking for.
  • Colors – Do not deviate from the color palate established by the theme.
  • Fonts –  Do not deviate from the font set established by the theme.
  • Background Image
    • Choose from the provided background images, or send others for consideration to be added for your department.

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