Content management system

AgriLife Communications provides the following services to all AgriLife units at no cost:


  • Backups
  • Security audited
  • Software kept updated
  • CDN available


  • Videos online
  • Group Lync sessions
  • Group Centra sessions
  • In person


  • Phone
  • Email
  • Help desk
  • Knowledge Base

Compliant Theme

  • Section 508 accessibility compliance
  • TAC 206 accessibility¬†compliance
  • WCAG 2.0 AA compliance (coming)
  • TAMU/TAMUS link and branding requirements

Custom Software

If there’s a feature or plugin you’d like to see in the AgriLife CMS, let us know. We generally only accept projects that could potentially benefit all the units we serve. Beyond that, a custom plugin can be created by any WordPress contractor. AgriLife Communications maintains a list of WordPress developers that we have had success with that we’d be happy to share, just ask. One caveat to this is that AgriLife Communications will not maintain custom written plugins or themes that have been created by a third-party. We highly recommend entering into some sort of maintenance agreement with any consultant you engage with.

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