Photography Services Process

Photography services are offered in a number of ways depending on the nature of your specific need. You can explore the various options below to see which one would work best for the need(s) you have.

  • Portraits (Headshot) Photography: AgriLife Communications maintains an in-house portrait “studio” that can be utilized to take standard, professional  headshots with a neutral background. Please use our Work Request Form to share details concerning the subject, timeline and any special setups that may be needed.
  • Event Photography: AgriLife Communications maintains two 12-megapixel digital cameras for check out by members of the Texas A&M AgriLife organization. Simply stop by our offices at Texas Avenue and Dominik Drive in College Station* and provide some basic contact information and a copy of your System ID card and you can check out one of our cameras for up to five days. Upon return of the camera, we can pull images off, and burn them to either a flash memory card you provide, or CD. We will also professionally “clean” photos if you like and upload them to the appropriate set on the Texas A&M AgriLife Flickr photo collection.* Please call ahead (979) 845-2211 to ensure equipment availability.
  • Custom/Boutique Photography: AgriLife Communications maintains relationships with local and System photographers who are available for scheduling of custom photography sessions. Please be aware that the cost of this service will be the responsibility of the individual/unit requesting them. Please use our Work Request Form to share details concerning the specific needs of your custom photo request.
  • General Photography: With the advent of high-end digital photography tools in  regular consumer-grade devices like mobile phones, iPods, etc, we strongly encourage Texas A&M AgriLife employees experimenting with gathering their own photos. We are happy to provide tips and guidance on tools, techniques or coordination of training if you are interested.

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