Wide Format Printing


Copy Services currently uses the Canon imagePROGRAF, iPF9400S, large format printer.  The wide format printer will print up to 59.5″ of print on a 60″ wide sheet by how ever long the roll of paper is.

We generally keep three types of paper in stock:

  • Economy Photobase Matte (8 mil)paper – It is generally for a one time use unless it is laminated.
  • Glossy Photographic Paper (240 gsm) – It is a durable high gloss or shiny paper.
  • Outdoor Wet Strength Paper (11 mil) – This is a very durable, water resistant paper. It is used for banners, both pull up mounted in stands and hanging banners.

**At this time, we can only laminate up to 41″ wide.

We can order many different types of paper given notice and sometimes have remnants from previous jobs available for purchase.

Pricing for Wide Format | | Download Driver and Printer Specifications

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