Roll-Up/Retractable Displays


The Roll-Up Displays we offer use an assembly called a Retractable banner stand. Retractable banner stands are made of aluminum which is both durable and very lightweight and converts into a sturdy display that can be setup or taken down in a matter of minutes.

  • Protection – The banner retracts down inside the mechanism protecting it from the elements.
  • Convenience – It can be set up or taken down literally within minutes. They can be used individually or in sets to create a quick, easy, yet professional looking backdrop.
  • Portability – Its extremely light weight and compact design makes it easy to carry.
  • Reuse – Graphics can be replaced as needed.  Banner stands can be reused.

Copy Services works with many different vendors in an effort to offer our customers the latest tools and innovations. If you have needs that call for different dimensions or styles give us a call. We can probably help.

We currently carry several models of banner stands:

  • Desktop retractable banners (Measures 11.25″ x 18″, Viewable area is 11.25″ x 17″, 1 inches at the bottom is not viewable )
  • Orient 800 which is more durable for frequent usage. (Measures 31.5″ x 90″, Viewable area 31.5″ x 8o”, 1 inch and the top and 10″ at the bottom are not viewable)
  • Orient 1000 is the next larger version in the Orient series. (Measures 39.25″ x 94″, Viewable area 39.25″ x 84″, 1 inch and the top and 10″ at the bottom are not viewable)
  • Pegasus is a fully adjustable banner stand for custom size graphics. Height can be adjusted from 36.5″ to 96″. Width can be adjusted from 52.5″ to 95″. It can display banner(s) on one side or both sides, and has steel feet for stability. It is easy to store and like the Orients includes a nylon bag for easy transportation.

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