Book Binding

Spiral or Coil Binding


A series of small holes are punched down the left side of the pages and a plastic coil is run through them in a spiral pattern. We keep black and white colored coils in stock, but other colors can be ordered and delivered to Copy Services within a couple of business days.

Saddle Stitching


Large sheets are stapled down the middle and then they are folded over to form a book.  This is the same style of binding as magazines. This method does not work well for books over 64 pages.

Tape Binding


Tape binding is also referred to as thermal binding, because the automated method uses heat. Unlike the old form of hand taping that literally involved a piece of tape manually folded over the left edge of the sheets, modern tape binding is an automated process and results in a stiff professional finish.  Lettering can also be applied to the spine.

Side Stitching


This is a very simple form of binding. The sheets are stacked then stapled twice on the left side.

Perfect Binding


This is the traditional way of binding books.  Textbooks and encyclopedias are examples of the this type of binding.

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