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AgriLife Communications Org Chart

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AgriLife Communications provides strategic marketing leadership and tactical communications solutions that enable our customers and partners to carry out their goals.

Main number: 979.845.2211

Name/Email Phone Responsibilities
Diane Bowen 979.845.7763 Editor for Educational Media
Robert Burns 903.834.6191 News & media relations for crop and weather, biological & agricultural engineering; Overton, Stephenville & Temple
Steve Byrns 325.653.4576 News & media relations for wildlife & fisheries, entomology; San Angelo, Ft. Stockton, Pecos & Lubbock
Caitlyn Calvert 979.458.5718 Instructional designer, e-learning developer for educational media
Mohamed Chenkhloufi 979.845.2801 Promotional Graphic Design
Antonio “Tony” Chevaili 979.845.6571 Bookstore Warehouse
John Chivvis 979.845.2601 Associate Director, Communications
Lori Colvin 979.847.9211 Graphic Designer for Educational Media
Mark Cornelius 979.845.2840 Video production for promotional materials
Loretta Cortez 979.845.2615 WordPress training & support
Jennifer Cowden 979.845.6644 Mail merge databases and wide print formats
John Ealoms 979.845.2856 Bindery & finishing
Terry Easterly 979.458.0452 Team Manager: Bookstore
Blair Fannin 979.845.2259 News & media relations for Ag Economics & animal science; Research & Extension in College Station
Angel Fattorini 979.862.2404 Video production for curriculum & extension promotion
Shirley Felder 979.458.0162 Bookstore & copy services accounting
Rhonda Fojt 979.845.2415 Team Manager: Copy Services
Candice Genack 979.845.6573 Bookstore customer service
Connie Gosch 979.845.2856 Customer service & job requests
Audrey Guidry 979.845.6323 Promotional graphic design
Alice Hannaman 979.845.2211 Business & HR Administration
Joe Herman 979.845.6572 Retail & Supply Operations
Olga Kuchment 979.458.0580 Writer for promotional materials
Alan Kurk 979.845.9343 Director, Information Technology
Kay Ledbetter 806.677.5600 News & media relations for soil & crop sciences, ecological management systems; Amarillo & Vernon
Michelle Lenoir 979.862.6566 High speed digital B/W printing operations
Debbie Mitchell 979.845.6573 Bookstore customer service
Diann Mitchell 979.862.4277 WordPress training & support
Sharon Newland 979.845.6938 Warehouse customer service
Kathleen Phillips 979.845.2872 Team Manager: Media Relations; Beats: horticulture; plant pathology and microbiology; biochemistry and biophysics
Lonnette Ray 979.862.1460 Business Administrator
Rod Santa Ana 956.968.5585 News & media relations for Weslaco, El Paso & Corpus Christi; agriculture leadership, education & communications
Paul Schattenberg 210.467.6575 Media relations for Bexar/Travis counties, Dallas & Uvalde; recreation parks and tourism science, nutrition & food sciences, family & consumer science, & 4-H
Ann Shurgin 979.845.2869 Team Manager & writer: promotional media
Kim Slafka 979.845.2856 Bindery & printing operations
Melissa Smith 979.845.2211 Graphic designer for Educational Media
Bill Watson 979.845.2807 Editor & Spanish translation for Educational Media
Travis Ward 979.845.2868 Web Team Manager
Zach Watkins 979.845.2858 WordPress Developer
Holly Jarvis Whitaker 979.458.5911 Team Manager: Publication submissions, e-learning developer
Helen White 979.862.7086 Writer & editor for Educational Media Production
Blair Williamson 979.862.6424 Web content strategy

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