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Departmental Communicators Feb/March

Greetings all! Sorry for the delay in these notes! Upcoming meetings First, John has reached out to his contact for the photography workshop and May was the better option for him, so we will continue to set that up. This will be a hands-on workshop to give you an overview or more information on composition, using natural light, etc. With the busy award season and rush to graduation, we’ll forego an April meeting. If there is anything you would like addressed via a blog post, please just let… Read More →

AGLS Communicators January 16, 2013

Departmental TAMU Lockups Here are the departmental lockups. Each zip file includes both versions in maroon and white in .eps and other file types. Branding and usage questions can be directed to John Chivvis at Key steps to remember: Do not manipulate these in any way such as cropping, changing the color, etc. The only exception is if you are adjusting the CMYK Maroon to the TAMU RGB Maroon (it is slightly different than if you just “Saved for Web”). If using your dept mark, the College… Read More →

AGLS Communicators Nov. 14, 2012

In this meeting I highlighted a few tools you can use to help find, post and share content more efficiently. Google Reader: The Reader allows you to add multiple RSS feeds or content sources and see them all in one place. You can also have multiple folders to assist with sorting and filtering results. To add additional folders, select a feed and visit Feed Settings/Change Folders/New Folder. Google Alerts was also brought up during the meeting as a great way to find content from other sources based on… Read More →

AGLS Communicators Oct. 17, 2012

Attendees: Suzy Pryor, AgEcon; Bill Cochran, Michelle Payne, Clarice Fulton, ALEC; Courtney Coufal, Animal Science; Judith Turlington, ESSM; Rob Williams, Entomology; Martin Anderson, Marissa Faris, HORT; Jenni Hankins, Nutrition/Food Science; Liz Hirschler, Poultry Science; Tami Hons, Soil/Crop Science; Linda Causey, Wildlife/Fisheries Sciences; Micheala Muck, Vice Chancellor office College news and social processes: Amy Wells manages the website and social accounts for the College. She is working to better aggregate news and stories from the departments through a Google Reader. There are three ways to have some of your… Read More →