Branding Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve made it here, then you’ve still got questions. Well, we’ve tried to assemble those that we get most frequently.  If you don’t see the question you’ve got here, then feel free to leave your question in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to answer them for you.

I just got some new business cards (or note cards, decals, etc.). Can I still use them?

Yes. If you have them already, then it’s important to use them up as best you can. If you are about to order, then we recommend providing the new marks to the designer, printer, or vendor.

What if I need a special version of the marks that are not on the logo/resources page?

AgriLife Communications will be able to help you out. We’ll need to know where it’s going and/or how it is to be used and we can make sure you get the right format. They can be reached using the “Work Request Form” above or contact info is listed on the “Contact” page.

On my website, do I need to go in and change the agency name in all of my past blog posts?

For websites, we ask that you change the agency name on all of your current marketing, information, program or content pages/posts. These would be for pages such as “About Us”, “Contact”, “Locations”, “Programs” as well as for new posts that move forward. So if you created a blog post a week ago talking about an event that is upcoming, you’d want to go into that one and change the name.

Again, remember, that the name change needs to occur for the first reference and then the appropriate second reference can be used. See our “Brand Basics Page” for those options.

For old blog posts, it will not be be necessary to change the name. However, if that post gets a lot of traffic or is still heavily visited, then the name needs to be changed. In addition, this would also be a good time to cull through those posts and archive/remove those that are outdated or no longer correct.

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