Brand Transition

To better align the designations across the Texas A&M University System, the Board of Regents passed a resolution on August 3, 2012 changing the names of the seven state agencies of the Texas A&M University System. All agency names, including the four AgriLife agencies, will include “A&M”  effective September 1, 2012.

According to the Board of Regents resolution:

“RESOLVED, that, effective September 1, 2012, each A&M System agency shall use its new name in its complete form and associated logos in all official communications, including letterhead, business cards, websites and similar items; and be it, further

RESOLVED, that the directors of the A&M System agencies are responsible for ensuring that these name changes are implemented in the most efficient and effective manner possible to conserve agency resources while maximizing the potential constituent impact.”

As state agencies, we are responsible stewards of our resources, so we need to make every effort to use up the supplies we have and not just discard or recycle materials. This being the case, there’s a simple “1-2-3” to remember.

1. Use what you have.

In accordance with these guidelines, it is important for each office and employee to be “efficient and effective” in using agency resources. Therefore, we have prioritized the most used items across our agencies to be updated first with assistance and guidance from The Office of the Vice Chancellor and agency administrators. Electronic resources (such as marks) are available online and can be used immediately.

For physical resources (letterhead, business cards, etc), stationery and other items will be exhausted before reprinting.

2. Use the new name and mark on anything produced for use after Sept. 1, 2012.

New marks are available in a range of formats for each agency on this site.  Please utilize these when updating your own templates and materials.

AgriLife Communications is working on the following identity pieces first:

  • Business cards.  New business card shells are being printed. As soon as those are in stock, the online business card ordering system will be updated for the new cards/template.
  • Letterhead (electronic). New templates for each agency are developed and available for download. This can be used for everyday word processing and printing. If a more official “feel” is needed, please contact Terry Easterly ( at the AgriLife Bookstore and they can provide you with “blank 2nd sheet” letterhead-quality paper for your use in your laser printer.
  • PowerPoint templates. Basic templates with a variety of slides and slide types for each agency will be online with new marks for download as well.
  • Websites. All AgriLife websites that are using AgriLife Communication’s WordPress content management system will have their templates automatically updated on Sept. 1, 2012 with the appropriate logos.   For entities using their own servers, or using their own design or template will need to use the logos on the download page for their updates. Be certain to search website text to add the “A&M” into the name on all official web pages.

All other print and collateral pieces such as banners, fact sheets, notecards, folders, etc. will be updated as stock is used up or a need arises. Please contact John Chivvis in AgriLife Communications at (979) 845-2601 or for more information.

3. Update what you can.

While we’ll have the logos up online and be adding templates online as quick as we can, there are a number of areas in which these changes can be made immediately.  We’ve already mentioned updating your own materials, but here are some other areas to consider updating right now…

  • Email signatures – Samples are available on each of the agency resource pages.
  • Web sites and pages – We mentioned updating your own content with the new names/marks, but if you see/know of other sites that link to you, you’ll want to contact them to change the name.
  • Voicemail messages – Update your own office message, busy message, or after-hour message for your or your main office number(s).
  • Community listing – Local white pages, yellow pages, phone listings, convention and visitor listings.
  • Social media pages – Any Facebook, Twitter, or other social media account or page will need to have any references in the name, “contact” or “about us” sections updated. We’ve put together some social media tips and resources to help you out. Download instructions for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and a letter from Dr. Hussey for Facebook documentation.

Each office should use judgment to update high visibility signage or other items as appropriate and necessary.

Questions? Try our “Frequently Asked Questions” or you can contact John Chivvis in AgriLife Communications at (979) 845-2601 or

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