Brand Basics for Texas A&M AgriLife Agencies

In order to hit the ground running with the new marks, we’ve put together a “Brand Basics” for those agencies that are part of  Texas A&M AgriLife. Below you’ll find a quick guide on using the names, logos, colors and more.

AgriLife and agency names

First let’s start with “AgriLife”.

It’s AgriLife. It is NOT agri-life, AgriLIFE, or AGRILIFE.

In text, the word “AgriLife” is spelled as all one word, with only the “A” and the “L” capitalized. The logo is a graphic representation, so please don’t use it as the rule for text styling in your copy.

Now for the agency names. In text or in web copy, use the full official agency name on first reference—that is, the first time you mention it. The second time you mention it, use the approved short form. The following list gives the official name, followed by the second/short form.

  • Texas A&M AgriLife: AgriLife
  • Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service: AgriLife Extension
  • Texas A&M AgriLife Research: AgriLife Research
  • Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory: TVMDL
  • Texas A&M Forest Service:  TFS or Forest Service

Except for TVMDL and TFS, there is no acronym, initialism, or other alteration of agency names. Using an acronym fragments our brand and diminishes its recognition across the state.

The marks and logos

Logos for: Texas A&M AgriLife  |  Texas A&M AgriLife Extension  |  Texas A&M AgriLife Research  |  Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory  | Texas A&M Forest Service

Use the logo exactly as it is. Do not alter it or recreate it. Do not change the fonts or separate or delete the elements of the logo. Do not add anything to the logo. The logo is a representation of the brand; we need to protect it and use it consistently. If you have a special request, contact John Chivvis in AgriLife Communications at or (979) 845-2601.

When using the logo in your layout, give it a quarter-inch of space around the logo on all sides. Do not allow anything to intrude into any space within the logo. This ensures that our brand is highly visible to the audience.

Do not distort the proportions of the logo. When it must be resized, be careful to make sure that the proportions are maintained (this can often be accomplished by holding down the Shift key as you drag a corner of the image box).

When used in printed materials, the logo must be no smaller than 3/4 inch tall. The logo must be used so that it dominates over other graphic elements, either by size or by position—or both. For logo usage in partnership and sponsorship situations, please contact John Chivvis in AgriLife Communications at or (979) 845-2601.

The official colors for the logos are Pantone Aggie Maroon and Cool Gray 11. For the Texas A&M Forest Service, there is the additional Pantone 575C (green). If you are printing in black and white, use the black-and-white version of the logo. A “white” or “reversed” version of the logo is also available for printing on dark backgrounds.

Primary and secondary colors for agencies. While each logo/mark is Aggie maroon and Cool Gray, each agency has a secondary color that is used for accent purposes or to differentiate from among the family of Texas A&M AgriLife agencies.

AgriLife color swatches


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