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Week of October 3

During the week the Web team completed transitioning all county websites from the Texas Extension County Office server and to the new WordPress environment. They also posted new initiative reports to the website of the Office of Federal Relations at Team members participated in technology training workshops in Austin for District 10 county agents; including advanced WordPress training and a presentation Web Content Myths (slides available at The College’s Facebook and Twitter accounts were updated; some technical glitches have been cleared out of WordPress; and three… Read More →

Week of September 26, 2011

The educational media team has been hard at work on several publications this week, covering everything from fall vegetable gardens to economics to rain gardens (for when the rains come back): • Fall Vegetable Gardening Guide • Economics of Irrigation Systems • Using Vegetative Filter Strips to Improve Water Quality (B-6246) • Improving Water Quality with Grassed Waterways (L-5532) • Bermudagrass Varieties, Hybrids, and Blends for Texas • Managing Volunteer Cotton in Grain Crops • Cedar Creek Watershed Management • Eagle Mountain Watershed Management • Using Fences to… Read More →