Departmental Communicators Feb/March

Greetings all! Sorry for the delay in these notes!

Upcoming meetings

First, John has reached out to his contact for the photography workshop and May was the better option for him, so we will continue to set that up. This will be a hands-on workshop to give you an overview or more information on composition, using natural light, etc.

With the busy award season and rush to graduation, we’ll forego an April meeting. If there is anything you would like addressed via a blog post, please just let us know and we’ll get information out.

Preparing for a new department template

Our goal is to deliver the new department template, based on the new college site, in the summer (most likely sometime in June). To prepare for that, here is what AgriLife Communications can offer for departmental sites:

  • Content audit and information architecture (navigation) support and consultation. We can help you get started with a content audit and then review it and suggest a user-oriented structure to help make your site more easy to navigate.
  • Fresh content. While we cannot rewrite your entire site, if there are a few areas that could use short stories/vignettes or an edit, we should be able to help you out with advanced notice. The best options for content writing are items that would benefit the main college site as well.
  • Photos. We are continuing to explore options for getting freshened stock photography. If you have suggestions, we’re all ears! If there is an event in your department, we have some availability¬†to capture the event, depending on the time of the year, students¬†available¬†and/or my schedule.

Please note that these services are for main department sites. We can help in a limited way, mainly information architecture, on additional sites for college or extension programs related to the department. We will be sure to send a prototype of the department template out for your feedback. I also have the list of plug=ins, features and functionality mentioned in the February meeting.

Download a content audit template spreadsheet to get you started.

Read more about the value of content audits from Kristina Halvorson, a leading expert on content strategy for the web. If you are interested in reading more of her book, we have a copy in our office we can loan you. I have several other books on content strategy if you have additional interests.


imodules screen shotThrough the Foundation and Michaela in the VC’s office, you can use iModules to create or update your newsletters to current students, former students and even staff. iModules is a browser-based platform, much like ConstantContact, that allows you to enter text and photos easily into a template.

Contact Michaela Muck,, if you are interested in exploring your options with iModules. She works with Isaac Dovalina at the Foundation to administer iModules for the College. This is a great opportunity to transition from those old pdf. newsletters and make them more email-friendly!

If there are several of you that would like more information or resources on how to manage e-newsletter editorial calendars/other planning topics, just let me know. I’ve managed e-newsletters in each of my previous professional positions and learned a lot of lessons I’m happy to share.


As always, please let us know if you have suggestions for professional development topics or questions/topics you’d like AgriLife Communications to address. I’m happy to reach out to the other teams in our department if there is a non-web topic you’d like to know more about.

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