AGLS Communicators January 16, 2013

Departmental TAMU Lockups

Here are the departmental lockups. Each zip file includes both versions in maroon and white in .eps and other file types. Branding and usage questions can be directed to John Chivvis at

Key steps to remember:

Do not manipulate these in any way such as cropping, changing the color, etc. The only exception is if you are adjusting the CMYK Maroon to the TAMU RGB Maroon (it is slightly different than if you just “Saved for Web”).

If using your dept mark, the College still needs to be represented somewhere. Example: the front of a tri-fold brochure may have the dept, but the back panel can then have the College branding or the dept mark at the top of a website with the College mark somewhere in the footer.

New College Site — Considerations and help needed from departments

If you were not at the meeting today and would like to see the design mockups for the new site, contact Amy and we can set something up.

Featured stories: The new college site in development will provide more opportunities to feature students, faculty and staff that represent the 5 Grand Challenges and/or high-impact learning objectives such as field experiences (internships, etc.), service learning, international programs, honors programs, and student research. If you know of a student/staff/faculty that would be good to feature, please email the person’s name, email, and a brief description to Amy Wells at

The Five Grand Challenges will also be used extensively in the upcoming capital campaign to compliment the university’s focus areas and emphasize the external effects of how the university bettering our world/society. The college’s Challenges are:

  • Enriching our Youth
  • Improving our Health
  • Feeding our World
  • Protecting our Environment
  • Growing our Economy

Event Calendars: The new site will highlight college events on many pages. This means we need the departments to provide event information on an ongoing basis. If you already use a calendaring system, please send us the link and/or ics/ical feed. If you do not have a calendar system, please see the TAMU calendar to check if your department has a calendar set up or needs to create a new one. There is a getting help link on the left side of the calendar that should answer most questions. If you need help, let us know and we can put you in contact with someone.

Social Considerations: The homepage will feature a social aggregator and college social directory. Amy is developing the form now to submit your accounts and will email it out soon. If you are not the one who manages the social accounts, just forward it on to the best person.


Thank you all again for attending. If you have suggested topics for roundtable discussions or professional development topics, please send those to Amy. We’ll get the next meeting on the schedule ASAP.


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