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Howdy! My name is Hannah Rogers and I am a senior Agricultural Communications and Journalism major at Texas A&M University. I am currently working on my third semester as an online content and social media assistant at Texas A&M AgriLife Communications under Amy Wells, online content social media coordinator.

At the beginning of my internship in the spring of 2011, I was just looking for some extra course credit and something to spice up my resume, but honestly when I interviewed and was told that I was chosen to participate in the internship I was thrilled.

I really had no idea what to expect out of this internship but I did hope that I would at least grow more confident in my writing, which is what happened and more.

Working along side Amy has been a very enlightening experience. Her ways of teaching are exact to my style of learning. Since I was the first intern in the program, Amy started me out working in her office showing me what she does on a day to day basis.  As I watched her critique and study more about other social media entities I learned that constant contact with target online audiences was necessary in this profession.

As the internship continued I personally gained the confidence with my work due to Amy’s teaching and direction. I now have five published articles, two of which have been in the TAMU Times. I have gained extensive knowledge in WordPress, content creation experience and many more skills that because of this internship will present me as a competitive applicant when it comes to my job search post graduation.

Now we have added five other interns to the team, working as writers and social media assistants. It is very rewarding to me as the first intern in this program, to see the other interns learn and ask questions. They and anyone else who follows in their footsteps will benefit from this experience more than they know.

I always knew that having an internship to put on your resume was a must, but I believe that because of Amy’s excitement to teach and continuous mentoring I have gained more experience than most have the privilege to.

Working at Texas A&M AgriLife Communications under Amy has been a blessing that has left me prepared and optimistic about my future endeavors. I encourage anyone who is interested in building their resume and getting a unique hands on experience to participate in the AgriLife Communications internship.


Hannah Rogers is a senior Agricultural Communications and Journalism student. She is an online content and social media assistant at Texas A&M AgriLife Communications, from Boerne, Texas

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