Intern Insights

A day in the life of a student intern 

By Avery Kelling, ’14

Howdy! My name is Avery Kelling and I am a junior Agriculture Communication and Journalism major at Texas A&M University.  This past summer, I had the privilege of working as a social media assistant intern for the AgriLife Center and it has been an incredible learning experience and has given me a great understanding of what goes into a job in social media.

Going into this internship, I knew that I would be managing different Facebook and Twitter accounts, but I didn’t really think I would be learning so many new things.  I mean, it’s Facebook, how much is there to know?  But there is actually so much more to social media than I ever expected.

Basically my job consists of managing two Facebook and Twitter accounts, AgriLife Extension and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences for Texas A&M.  This means that every week I find new things to post for the account that I am assigned to (me and another intern rotate accounts every two weeks) as well as managing Twitter lists and scheduling posts for the week.

To find posts for each account, I look on various news sites and Twitter feeds and try to find stories or tweets that I could post that the designated audience can relate to.  For example, for AgriLife Extension I try to find news stories relating to the “every day Texan.”  Stories that relate to this can be about managing money, improving the environment, eating well, staying healthy, etc.

For the college account, I find stories that relate to students that are part of the college of Agriculture and Life Sciences, whether it is a career fair coming up or an annual college tailgate that is happening before the football game, it gets posted on Facebook and Twitter for all students to see!

That just gives some insight of what my internship consists of, but there is plenty more that goes in to what I do every week.  I will be sure to keep you up to date on my wonderful internship and all the new things that I learn!

Thanks and Gig ‘em!


Avery Kelling is a Junior Agricultural Communications and Journalism major at Texas A&M University, from San Antonio, Texas

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