Intern Impacts

Student intern promotes social media to the students of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences 

By Kristen Hudman, ’13

Hi, I’m Kristen and I’m a senior majoring in Ag. Communication and Journalism at Texas A&M University. This fall, I have the priviledge to intern with Amy Wells in the Texas A&M AgriLife Communications offices as the social media special projects assistant. My fascination and love for social media has driven me to pursue a career in this field. Social media can be used for all sorts of purposes ranging from personal to professional. I’d like to share my background experience with social media and what my internship with Texas A&M AgriLife entails. 

I’ve owned a personal Facebook account for about 5 years and a Twitter account for about 3 years. Within the past year or so, I’ve added Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and a Blogger to my social media platforms. I’ve also managed the content on my sorority’s website for the past two years and for a year I controlled our Facebook and Twitter. My gnact for engaging in social media has opened up many opportunities for me. Along with this internship, I have also interned in social media at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and I’m also currently interning with LTE Media Group.

As the social media special projects assistant, I get to work on exciting new projects that will encourage students to participate in social media. For example, the current project I’m working on is called, “How Do YOU put the #AgInAggie?” I’m in the process of developing a plan and strategy using social media to get students from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to post pictures on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag, #AgInAggie, to share how they contribute to the Aggie community. The photos will then be aggregated onto our Postano website. This site will be used to show prospective students what it’s truly like to be a student in the COALS.

I will also be drafting content strategy plans for social media for certain organizations or businesses within the college. In addition, I will be posting entries on this blog describing new social media techniques and content strategies I learn through my internship experience each week.

So far, I’ve really enjoyed working with social media and I will keep you updated on what I learn from this experience. Thanks!


Kristen Hudman is a senior from Frisco, Texas studying Agriculture Communication and Journalism at Texas A&M University.


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