Intern Impacts

Acquired skills provide knowledge for the workforce  

By Meagan Ghormley, ’13

With one year left until graduation, my future was no clearer than it was when I enrolled at Texas A&M University. I still felt like a fish out of water. No real world experience to offer employers and didn’t know what my assets could offer.

So with my head bogged down with negativism, I went internship hunting. I found internships everywhere- California, New York, and Washington D.C. However I wasn’t ready for the distance so I went to a tighter search. I learned in my writing class that Texas A&M AgriLife Comminations was looking for internships and knew this would be a perfect step into the door.

I began working this fall, still feeling like I would be an underwhelming asset.  However, I was treated just like any other employee. I began interviewing people for stories and am currently working on a story that was my idea. Amy Wells, my internship head, let me pitch my own idea and run with it. I felt not like an intern, but someone who was actually part of a team.

The hardest thing for me during my internship has been staying on track. I am very much a procrastinator and this position has taught me better time management and how to work on a deadline.

Though I haven’t perfected the skill, I feel like this process will allow me to be more prepared for the work force.

In addition, I have learned that teamwork is a great thing. I have always loved working on a team and have been given lots of opportunities to work with other on conjunctive stories.

Throughout this internship I have been very optimistic for what this experience will allow me to do in the future. I have learned new skills and have perfected other skills that will carry me far in life.

I hope any students that need guidance will really consider this internship and all that it has to offer. You wont regret it, but will be thankful for the knowledge that you will gain.


Meagan Ghormley is a Senior Agricultural  Communications and Journalism Major from Madisonville, Texas.

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