AGLS Communicators Oct. 17, 2012

Suzy Pryor, AgEcon; Bill Cochran, Michelle Payne, Clarice Fulton, ALEC; Courtney Coufal, Animal Science; Judith Turlington, ESSM; Rob Williams, Entomology; Martin Anderson, Marissa Faris, HORT; Jenni Hankins, Nutrition/Food Science; Liz Hirschler, Poultry Science; Tami Hons, Soil/Crop Science; Linda Causey, Wildlife/Fisheries Sciences; Micheala Muck, Vice Chancellor office

College news and social processes:
Amy Wells manages the website and social accounts for the College. She is working to better aggregate news and stories from the departments through a Google Reader. There are three ways to have some of your news posted on the college site:

1. If you have an RSS feed of department news, please email it to

2. If you don’t have RSS, please send any links to where news is posted or add Amy to newsletter distribution lists. This includes any student blogs as well.

3. Amy works with the Agricultural Communications and Journalism program to provide internships and her students have availability to write some stories. If you hear of a great student, faculty, or alumni story, please email her the details or fill out the news submission form here: Stories that tie into one of the 5 Grand Challenges will receive higher consideration (see College overview brochure download).

For social media, Amy and her students use a scheduling model that allows for nearly all featured posts to be planned by the end of the week prior (template available for download). Featured posts include stories on students/faculty/etc. and upcoming priority events and deadlines (ANRP internship deadline, etc.). This system builds in flexibility so we can work to share posts from other pages and post things that come up during the week. Please make sure the College has liked your department page and college-related pages by visiting our page and choose See All under our likes near the top of our Timeline ( If your page(s) is not in that list, please email me a link to it and we’ll add it. If you have specific post requests, please email them to Amy.

Branding updates:

Logos & Wordmarks:
Please go to to make sure you have the most up-to-date College marks (and any other agency logos you may need). Please send any questions about logos to John Chivvis.

Direct links for downloads:

College and Department Branding:
John is currently having discussions with Dr. Sams regarding how best to navigate the need to brand both the college and individual departments under the university. (examples: and )

If you have an example of when you would need just a department mark with the Texas A&M, please email those to John. Courtney provided the example of a folder branded with the department for use by the department head.

John also is working to develop a list of documents and templates that would be most useful to departments. Request was made for InDesign templates over Word. Items listed from the meeting include:

  • One-pager (front/back)
  • Department brochure (tri-fold)
  • Pull-up Banner
  • Bookmarks
  • Rack cards
  • Posters (11×14, 11×17, etc. most often sent to high school/community colleges)
  • Student/Research posters (42×44)
  • Folder or Sticker that can be used on a folder
  • Seals for certificates

College Messaging:
The College is using the 5 Grand Challenges to drive its marketing messages. At the college level, these include:

Feeding Our World
Protecting Our Environment
Improving Our Health
Enriching Our Youth
Growing Our Economy

More information on these is available in the College overview brochure. Not only are these being used for college branding and priorities, but these tie into a forth-coming university capital campaign.

Discussion on future meetings:

Meetings will be most useful if they include an opportunity for discussion (lessons learned, examples, etc.) and presentations/topics of professional development. Decision was made to hold them monthly with no meetings on Mondays or Fridays.

Amy will present at the next meeting on content marketing/social media management. If there is a topic you’d like to request or if you would like to present on a topic, please email Amy.

If there is another person in your office that should join us, or if this meeting is not quite the right fit for your job responsibilities (if you are mainly extension or research focused, only programming or IT support, etc.), please feel free to bow out or provide Amy with the name of a more appropriate contact.

Thank you again for a great meeting!  We look forward to seeing you at the next one.

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