June 2012

The seasons may change from spring to summer in June, but the media relations team doesn’t let the hot weather slow them down. This month their work includes these news articles:

• AgriLife Research study focuses on feeding beef steers with algae co-products

• Veterinary workshop in Kazakhstan provides advanced training to diagnosticians, technicians, inspectors

• Water Conservation and Technology Center to focus on statewide water issues

• Weslaco Center ag economist completes a report on economic feasibility of small acreage vegetable production in South Texas

•  Dr. Frank Hons works with BP to revegetate land after 100 years of copper mining

• Work on stone fruits showing anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetes properties

• New equipment that will allow gene sequencing to be done at the speed of light

•  COALS training program getting a $1 million, 5-year grant renewal to continue training PhD candidates in space life sciences

• AgriLife Research study estimates costs of mesquite biomass delivery for bioenergy use

• BP teams up with AgriLife Research to develop perennial grasses for biofuels

In addition, media relations team members: conducted a drought JIC teleconference; compiled a series of short media tips for a CEA blog; helped plan a big brush and weed control symposium for this fall; helped develop one-pager info sheets for the Weslaco and Corpus Christi centers; prepared for and attended the ACE conference; shot video to accompany news stories; attended 4-H Roundup; met with county officials to discuss new marketing piece; attended the National Wool Show; attended Stiles Farm Field Day; wrote copy for the Extension Matters in Travis County newsletter and helped with audio Power Point presentation for the Financial Literacy Coalition of Central Texas (FLCCT), which is administered by AgriLife Extension; wrote copy and edited for Extension Matters newsletter in Bexar County; worked with media in correcting misinformation on grass; worked in marketing for 4-H; and worked on the budget


The Web team has been busy this month too. They established sites live in WordPress theme:

• agrilife.org/military (Extension)

• agrilife.org/communications

• agrilife.org/txtbba (Research)

Other sites in progress are:

• Borlaug Plant Genomics/Biotech website

• wfsc.tamu.edu (College)

• peanut.tamu.edu (waiting)

• E-Beam


• Harris County horticulture

Sites launched are:

• Giving

• Animal Science Department

• Naure Tourism Site

• Biological Control for Weeds

• Institute for Obesity

• Texas Breeding Bird Atlas

In addition the team has provided multiple WordPress trainings; consulted with offices on web content and navigation; implemented a social media planning system for agency-level accounts; assisted in creating social media accounts and providing graphics for others; and guest lectured in an Ag Communications class.

During June, the educational media team members were busy with several publications, including:

Special Food Needs: A reference guide for county agents (D-1284)

Take-All Root Rot

Texans, Get Ready! Be Prepared to Survive and Recover from a Disaster

Drinking Water Problems: Corrosion

Disaster Preparedness for Texans (translation)

Coloring Our Children’s Plates with Fruits and Vegetables (Spanish, curriculum, psa)

Citrus Psillid Alert (warning tag)

Irrigation Monitoring with Soil Water Sensors (B-6194)

Texas Master Gardener Handbook binders and tab

Disaster Preparedness for Farmers and Ranchers

In addition, team members: participated in the second training session led by Susanna Coppernoll; wrote text for Moodle course and began incorporating it into a course shell; began creating course on septic system management; studied social constructivist pedagogy; attended Doug Steele seminar; met with experts about a series of publications on taking care of water wells; attended meeting with Texas A&M University Press official about a possible joint venture book on mesquite; met with horticulture expert about possible publication on using speakers bureaus for nonprofit groups; attended a two-day training on E-Learning Symposium 2012 Austin and Planning and Managing an E-Learning Project.

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