May 2012

May ends with Memorial Day, the unofficial start to summer, and the AgriLife Communications teams are keeping the season busy.

This month the media relations team from around the state met in College Station for team retreat, performance reviews and a learning experience or two. They also produced dozens of news releases, including releases on each winner of the AgriLife Extension Superior Service awards and Texas A&M Distinguished Texan in Agriculture:

• New black sorghum line developed by Texas AgriLife Research

• AgriLife Extension safety expert: Pickups rock! Unfortunately, they also roll

• Texas A&M University distinguished professor selected prestigious Piper Professor

• Travis Miller gives insight into what Texans are facing after the drought of 2011

• Research project involving Vernon and College Station looking at gasification of juniper and mesquite as a biofuel

• AgriLife Extension offers hurricane preparedness materials in new e-book format

• Travis Miller is working on soybean trials that will help producers find earlier planting dates

• Sorghum and sugarcane varieties developed by AgriLife Research tested for efficacy, water use

• USDA-RMA approves one sample testing by State Chemist Office for the 2012 crop year

• New research examines feeding cattle an algae supplement

• New Texas Superstar kept blooming through 2011’s blistering days

• Recent USDA-APHIS approval for the Electron Beam Center at TAMU to irradiate agricultural commodities being imported and exported

• Dr. Nithya Rajan received a bioenergy grant to look at the land-use changes of cotton to bioenergy crops

• Soil and Crop Sciences look at a curriculum change to reflect world issues

• Stone fruits and their properties against the metabolic syndrome

• Economics of restocking a beef herd may not be advantageous for every rancher: Summary of presentations at the recent O.D. Butler Field Day at Camp Cooley Ranch

• Fred Davies got a Fulbright to Indonesia

• USDA-RMA approves one sample testing by State Chemist Office for the 2012 crop year

Team members also: presented a program on “Utilizing the Media” to county agents gathered for district meetings in Vernon, Amarillo, Lubbock and San Angelo; went to Lubbock for District training; co-chaired the High Plains Communicators; helped conduct the Bayer Crop Sciences meeting and the Wheat Field Day; helped with the field day and farewell event for Dr. Brent Bean; conducted a Small Grains Advisory Committee meeting; worked with the North American Agricultural Journalists meeting; and checked on program filed on KBTX-TV.


During May, the Web team created new sites in the WordPress theme (in addition to working on nearly a dozen other):





This month the educational media team worked with several projects and publications, including:

• Impact of Dairy Industry on the Ogallala Aquifer

• Keys to Managing Poultry Litter

• Making a Rain Barrel (L-5581)

• Drinking Water Problems: Corrosion

• Special Food Needs

• Texas Well Owners Network Handbook

• Identification and Management of Asian Citrus Psyllid and Citrus Greening Disease in Texas Nurseries (E-597)

• Coloring our Children’s Plates – document

• Coloring our Children’s Plates – PowerPoint

Team members also delivered 11 videos in the Wounded Warrior series to client for duplication to be distributed to military bases around the country and uploaded onto You Tube and the AgriLife website; translated the Childhood Obesity Workshop Survey for Prairie View Extension; delivered 10 disks (of a 50-disk order) of a Junior Master Gardener bilingual series to the Borlaug Institute; met with the client about a series of publications on fruit and nut production; loaded information on Livestock, Animal Health and Wellbeing, Poultry, Fish and Aquaculture, and Companion Animals to the AgriLife Research website pages; participated in meetings with Extension administrators and the Texas Extension Specialists Association board members; participated in the Texas AgriLife Extension Service Spring association’s board meeting in Brownwood; and gave a presentation on copyright laws and issues to regional program directors.

Team members also worked on a proposal for seven disaster preparedness publications for individuals and families (in English and Spanish and possibly Vietnamese), farmers and ranchers (in English and Spanish), and personal and family financial records inventory (English and Spanish).

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