Economic Reports Related to Texas Coastal Bend Agriculture

Hay, Feed and Forages

  • Cost Estimates for Brush and Weed Control Treatments in the Texas Coastal Bend (PDF)
  • Can You Really Afford to Raise Hay? (PDF)
  • Use of Ammoniated Corn in Feed Rations at a Commercial Feedyard : An Industry Report

Livestock Economics and Marketing

  • Economic Tools Needed to Decide Whether to Buy or Sell Cows and Raise Heifers (PDF)
  • Economic Tools Needed to Decide on Which Herd Bull to Purchase (PDF)
  • Evaluation of Factors Impacting the Value of South Texas Stocker and Feeder Cattle: Economic Interpretation of An Extension Program

Economic Impact Studies

Economic Contribution of Rice Production in Colorado, Wharton, and Matagorda Counties 2008-2012 (PDF)

Cow-Calf Decision Support Aids

Crop Enterprise Budgets

Livestock and Forage Enterprise Budgets

Drought Management Decision Support Tools

These decision support aids are designed to help producers make decisions related to early sale or retained ownership of calves in a drought situation, valuing hay on a nutrient content basis and restocking decisions. The values in these templates are for demonstration purposes only, make sure to enter values specific to your operation!

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