Retained Ownership – Sell or Keep Analysis

(precondition, stocker and finishing analysis, lease grazing or buy cattle analysis, head day calculator)

1. Precondition – Sell or Keep (PDF description ) (spreadsheet )

2. Stocker Grazing – Sell or Keep (PDF description ) (spreadsheet )

3. Feedyard Finishing – Sell or Keep (PDF description ) (spreadsheet )

4. Lease Grazing or Buy Cattle Analysis (PDF description ) (spreadsheet )

5. Purchase or Not Weaned Calves or Stocker/Feeder Analysis (PDF description ) (spreadsheet )

6. Closeout – Sell or Keep Weaned Calves, Stocker or Feeder Analysis (PDF description ) (spreadsheet

7. Custom Fed Closeout – Sell or Keep (PDF description ) (spreadsheet )

8. Cull Cow – Sell or Keep Analysis (PDF description ) (spreadsheet )

9. Head Day Calculator (PDF description ) (spreadsheet )

10. Stocker Closeout Sell or Keep (PDF description ) (spreadsheet )

11. Branded vs. Conventional Finishing (PDF description ) (spreadsheet )

12. Lot Closeout Alliance Evaluation (PDF description ) (spreadsheet )

The values in these templates are for demonstration purposes only, make sure to enter values specific to your operation!

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