Food and Nutrition Project

4-H Food and Nutrition/Healthy Lifestyles Project

Dates to Remember:

  • September 13: Deadline for FCS Project Training
  • September 17: FCS Project Training, 6pm, CEO
  • October 25: County Food Show Entries Due, CEO
  • November 2: County Food Show, 3pm-6pm, Location: CTCS (SEE NEW TIME!!!)
  • December 11: District Food Show, 8am, Location: Expo
  • March 1: Nutrition Quiz Bowl Contest, Waco

2013 County Food Show Entry Form- PDF

2013 County Food Show Entry Form- WORD

2013 County Food Show Eligibility Form for Home School- PDF (Due when you turn in Entry Form)

2013 County and District Food Show/Food Challenge Guidelines (Includes paperwork due for County Food Show and District Food Show)- NEW TIME!!!! 3pm-6pm!!!!


Texas 4-H Food Show Guidelines 2014

Here are the new Food Show Guidelines through the State 4-H Office. (Senior age level 4-H members are only allowed to enter Food Show- all others including seniors can enter food challenge) The contest schedule discussed in the document is the state contest in June at Texas 4-H Roundup. You must qualify for County, District, before you are qualified for state.

4-H Food Challenge


Texas 4-H -Food_Challenge_Manual_2013-2014

The major changes are related to the contest resources, with MyPlate replacing MyPyramid.  The resources are referenced throughout the document; however, the resource section is located on page 19.  The changes to the resources are summarized below.

In preparation for the Food Challenge, participants should not limit themselves to studying only the resources provided at the contest.  Resources that may be helpful include (but are not limited to):

•     MyPlate –

•     Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010 –

•      Fight Bac! –

•      Cooking Basics for Dummies, 3rd edition

South District 12 Video:  4-H Food Challenge – The Supply Box – link

The following resources will be provided to teams at theFood Challenge:

Resource 1:        Choose My Plate – 10 Tips to a Great Plate

Resource 2:        Fight Bac –Fight Foodborne Bacteria Brochure

Resource 3:        Nutrient Needs at a Glance (Updated 7/11)

Resource 4:       Altering Recipes for Good Health

The direct link to the 4-H Food Challenge manual and resources is:

Food Challenge Resource Guide for Coaches

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