It is that time again for graduating seniors to start applying for college and filling out scholarships!  Seniors need to apply for their colleges/universities NOW! Acceptance for some schools will come as early as November. It is better on a  scholarship to have been accepted already to a school. So apply NOW for school!

Scholarships are also starting to come open and ready for applications. Make sure and watch the newsletter and the Bell County 4-H Website for those scholarship application deadlines. It is  always being updated with new scholarships and deadlines.



There will be a Texas 4-H Foundation Scholarship training this year held in Bell County!

Below you will find a flyer for an upcoming Texas 4-H Scholarship Workshop being held on Monday, December 7, 2015 at 6:30 pm in Belton at the CEO.  The biggest thing your graduating seniors needs to be doing right now is completing their FAFSA BEFORE December 31, 2015. 

2015-2016 D8 4-H Scholarship Workshop Flyer


Don’t forget that the scholarship application and guidelines can be found on the Texas 4-H website on the scholarship page:



BIG Scholarship

Below you will find the guidelines and application for the 2014 Blackland Income Growth Scholarship. Applications must be postmarked by Monday, November 2, 2015 and mailed to the District 8 office in Stephenville.

  • There will be ten (10) Blackland Income Growth scholarships awarded for the amount of $1000 each.
  • There will be one (1) Scott Felton Blackland Income Growth scholarship awarded for the amount of $1500.  Consideration will be given to applicants planning to study agribusiness.  Major will be verified at the time of payment.
  • The same application will be used for both scholarships.
  • Recipients will not be eligible to receive both the BIG & Scott Felton BIG scholarships.

Please review the first two pages of the attached guidelines for the specific eligibility requirements and dates. The recipients must attend the BIG Scholarship Reception and Luncheon on Tuesday, January 5, 2016 in Waco to receive the scholarship award.

The guidelines and application are posted on the BIG page at the following link:

2016_BlG_Scholarship_Application (WORD)


 District 8 TAE4-HA Scholarship

District 8 TAE4-HA is happy to release the 2016 D8 TAE4-HA Scholarship Application.

  • Applications are due May 15, 2016 to the Milam County Extension Office.
  • The application is open to 4-H members in District 8 that will be graduating high school this 4-H year.
  • Recipients will be selected after the announcement of the Texas 4-H Opportunity Scholarship recipients.
  • 4-H members that do not receive the Texas 4-H Opportunity Scholarship will be considered for selection.

The application is also posted on the D8 4-H website on the Scholarships page.

2016 District 8 TAE4-HA Schollarship

Texas 4-H Foundation Scholarships


The Texas 4-H and Youth Development Program and the Texas 4-H Youth Development Foundation is once again pleased to offer to our senior high school 4-H members and current college students the opportunity to apply for an Opportunity Scholarship through the Texas 4-H Program.

The application and the instructions are separate documents for easier completion and direction.  The application form is being offered in Microsoft Word edition.

What is new :

  • A 4-H member can apply for a Texas 4-H, Texas FFA, and Texas FCCLA scholarships
  • Scholarships will be presented over three nights at the 2016 Texas 4-H Roundup. Applicants, if receiving a scholarship(s) will be told what group of scholarship they will be receiving and what night(s) to be present. With the pre-notification of scholarship groups 4-H members will be able to be recognized at end-of-year school assemblies and ceremonies as a scholarship honoree.
  • Due to an continued increase in incomplete and the incorrect completion of the scholarship applications from applicants, any incomplete or incorrect application submitted will not be considered. It is the responsibility of the 4-H member and parent/guardian to ensure all information is correct and complete prior to submitting. Absolutely no follow up or updates will be allowed once submitted.

Due dates and deadlines for 2016 Scholarship process are as follows

October, 2015                                                                        Release of 2015 Application

November – January                                                           Scholarship Trainings

November – December                                                       Applicant complete FAFSA and receive report

January 14, 2016                                                                 Application due to County Office

February 5, 2016                                                                 Applications due to District Office

February 19, 2016                                                              Applications due to State 4-H Office

April 12, 2016                                                                      Interview selection notification

April 29 – May 1, 2016                                                        Interviews (Austin, TX)

June 7, 8, & 9, 2016                                                            Awards Assemblies/Banquets (College Station, TX)


Requirements for the Baccalaureate, Technical, and Courageous Heart Scholarships

All applications MUST meet the minimum requirements/criteria to even be considered for judging (see guidelines for complete details).  Those applications not meeting the requirements should not be submitted to the county Extension Office and/or Agent.

Below are the following documents

Please refer to the instructions for a complete and detailed list of the requirements, scoring values, and selection process.

All applications, instructions, and an on-line training module are available through the Texas 4-H and Youth Development website at (Youth -> Scholarships).

When it comes to GPAs and SAT/ACT scores…..

  • Make sure the counselor completes the form (page 2 of application) with an UNWEIGHTED GPA on a 100-point scale.
    • This GPA must match the transcript’s GPA!
    • (If the school counselor cannot or will not write on the transcript the unweighted GPA on a 100-point scale, they can hand-figure the GPA and attach a letter to the transcript with this information.)
    • The official SAT/ACT test scores must be received by the application deadline and included on the transcript or enclose a copy of the SAT/ACT report.


Examples of Texas 4-H Opportunity Scholarships:

 FAFSA Information for Texas 4-H Scholarship

Some of their high school counselors may tell you that they cannot complete the FAFSA until January.  That is not entirely correct.  They will have to update their FAFSA information after the new application is released in January, if they want accurate information for them to begin college in the fall of 2016.

However, for the 4-H scholarship application, you must have the FAFSA completed by the deadline.  If you wait until January to complete the FAFSA, there will not be enough time to get your taxes complete, complete the FAFSA (which is based on your federal income tax return) and then get a returned Student Aid Report (SAR) to include with the application by the deadline.

Below is a “FAFSA Supplement” that you may also find helpful when sharing 4-H Opportunity Scholarship information: FAFSA Supplement

State Fair of Texas Scholarship

Attention all 2013 graduating seniors! The deadline to apply for the State Fair of Texas scholarship is March 1, 2014. The State Fair of Texas awards a $5000 scholarship to selected applicants who have participated in specific Youth Livestock competitive events held at Fair Park in Dallas. This Scholarship is paid over four years, $625 a semester.

Scholarships are given to applicants who are enrolling in an agricultural-related curriculum or agricultural-benefiting natural science curriculum at a college or university in Texas.

To maintain the scholarship for both semesters of the freshman year, recipients must complete a minimum of 12 hours per semester and maintain a minimum 2.5 college GPA during your first two semesters. Yearly renewals may be awarded to students who exhibit high scholastic achievement and continue to pursue an agricultural-related curriculum or agricultural-benefiting natural science curriculum. A cumulative 3.0 GPA is the minimum standard for a renewal. Renewals will not be made for more than four years total or past undergraduate graduation.

For more information and to apply click here.

BCYF Scholarship 2013


Click Here for the 2014 BCYF Scholarship Letter and Application- Due April 11, 2014



 Texas Agricultural Irrigation Association Scholarship

Application is on the website is below.  Deadline to apply is March 1, 2014.

2014 Texas Agricultural Irrigation Association Scholarship Application

Please direct questions to:

Texas Agricultural Irrigation Association
Kern Stutler
6028 79th Street
Lubbock, TX
The Dick Laursen Memorial Scholarship was created in honor of Dick Laursen, a life-long irrigation specialist. Dick was born in 1942 into a Nebraska ranching/farming family. He began his career as a purchasing agent for a pivot manufacturer; then moving on to Rain Bird Ag before partnering to open SWISH, Inc., an irrigation company. With his partners, Dick spent the rest of his life building SWISH, until his death in 1998.

TAIA will award scholarships based on the applicant’s qualifications.  Scholarships will be available to registered, full-time students either entering college or continuing a college education.  Graduate students are also eligible. A recommendation from a TAIA member would be beneficial but is not mandatory. Scholarship funds will be given to the student’s selected college to use towards enrollment expenses.

The scholarship committee will start taking applications October 1, 2013.  The deadline for the 2014 scholarship will be March 1, 2014. 

For Fed-Ex deliveries please send to the following address:

Texas Agricultural Irrigation Association
c/o Kern Stutler
6028 79th Street
Lubbock, TX 79424


  • An agriculture major
  • Attend a Texas university or college
  • Full-time student (12+ hours)
  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA, reporting GPA at end of each semester
  • 1000 minimum word essay with application
  • Not required to be a Texas resident
  • $500 per semester / $4000 total maximum / 4 year maximum
  • Funds sent to attending school first semester; from then on GPA and enrollment must be verified by a scholarship committee


 Jason Krueger Memorial Scholarship


  1.         Must be an active 4-H or FFA member
  2.        Must be a SENIOR in High School
  3.        Must have exhibited a steer in Texas Steer Shows

For Application to be considered, the following must be submitted:

  1.  Completed General Information sheet
  2. Resume or Student Biography (note high school achievements, honors, awards, activities, extra-curricular, community service, and 4-H/FFA involvements)
  3. An essay from the applicant telling about him/herself which includes wishes, dreams, ambitions, and future educational goals.  Not to exceed 300 words.
  4. Two letters of recommendation (not from a family member)

Application, Deadlines and Announcement of Winners:

  1. Applications must be received no later than May 10, 2014
  2. Amount and number of scholarships may vary depending on number of applicants
  3.  Scholarship award notice will be sent to the High School Counselor and/or 4-H/FFA Chapter advisor in May 2014.
  4. Scholarship money will be sent directly to the recipient upon receipt of the following:
  5. Proof of enrollment for Summer/Fall 2014
  6. Mail completed application and if awarded, final requested documents to:

Leroy Krueger

2195 West County Road 326

Jourdanton, TX 78026

Jason Krueger Memorial Scholarship Appl. Requirements

Jason Krueger Memorial Scholarship General Info Sheet


Helpful Links for Graduating High School Students:

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