Have you ever thought about doing a recordbook? A recordbook is good for those who want to keep  records of their 4-H career, win awards for resumes, or help you with filling out your scholarship applications. All seniors who complete a recordbook say that it helped them with filling out their scholarship applications a lot.

Dates to Remember

It is best you start NOW on your recordbook!!! It is way easier for all ages now so get started and be ahead of the game!!!

FIRST RECORDBOOK DRAFTS DUE DATE: June 1, 2016 (Sooner the better)
RECORDBOOKS DUE: June 15, 2016

County Recordbook Judging Date: June 17, 2016 at the Bell CEO (If you would like to judge, email

District Recordbook Judging Date: July 7, 2016, Bosque County

State Recordbook Judging Date: August 1, 2016-Location TBD

Recordbook Changes

“For the Record” is the Texas 4-H and Youth Development Program’s record keeping program. It is a two part educational process that teaches basic record keeping skills and then allows a 4-H member to participate in the record book competition.

You will now only have the option to use the WORD and/or PDF documents for your record keeping system.

Tips and Highlights:

 Recordbook Forms

Forms to use if you do not have internet for your recordbook, choose not to do the online version, or you want to do a hard copy and then paste it in online:

 Recordbook Examples



Examples to help assist you with recordbooks (Note: these are past recordbooks, but will help with writing the new ones and wording):

Congratulations on the following STATE recordbook winners!





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